At the Movies: VHS

The Lion King

August 25, 2019 • Don Record

How can you leave your past behind you? Is it as simple as leaving your worries behind? This is the final week of the At the movies (VHS) series, and we’ll look to Disney’s Lion King and one of Jesus’ most famous illustrations to find these answers and MORE!

Homeward Bound

August 18, 2019 • Don Record

This week we’re featuring either the most (or least...depending on how you look at it) realistic of our films. This Sunday there will be no talking toys or animated genies...just three live action animals filmed against breathtaking scenery. (Live Animals who appear to be able to talk WITHOUT moving their mouths.) Based on countless true stories of pets making their way back to their owners over incredible distances, Shadow, Chance, and Sassy WILL illustrate a truth about heaven that you won’t soon forget.

Toy Story

August 11, 2019 • Don Record

In 1995, Disney released a film by the relatively unknown Pixar Studios that forever changed the way we view animated movies...and perhaps even the way we view toys. This week at actionchurch we’ll let this breakthrough film help us gain a brand new insight into one of the most perplexing (and IMPORTANT) things Jesus ever said!