August 21, 2016 • Don Record

Miracles happen, but NOT just because we hear the good news. Not just because the good news becomes a good idea. NOT just because we seek relief…answers to prayer…help for our family. We are going to have to become CONVINCED and turn our beliefs to CONVICTIONS!!! How???? like joy. see it. live it…put it to use. share it!

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September 4, 2016 • Don Record

God is NOT a bully who makes up rules. God is a loving father intent on ALL of his creation flourishing even in its broken and flawed state… those of us who rebel against them stumble.

The Force Awakens

August 14, 2016 • Don Record

You are the light of the world. Light doesn’t destroy darkness, it displaces it. And, "the Crazy thing is, it’s true…all of it.”


August 7, 2016 • Don Record

We all have different backgrounds, even some we didn't get to choose. But we ALL need someone in our corner.