When I'm Afraid, I Can Trust God

April 1, 2020

The Story of Joseph: Part 4

August 5, 2020

Learning From Mistakes

Wisdom: Part 4 • August 2, 2020

Can kids really make wise choices? Yes! When wisdom comes from God, it isn’t always all about how old you are or how much life experience you have! God will give wisdom to anyone who asks Him for it. Kids may not make wise choices every time—most adults don’t either—but everyone can grow in wisdom. Making wise choices isn’t always easy, and it’s independent of how smart or good we are. True wisdom comes only from God. Wisdom is a journey we can take with God cheering us on as we walk in His way. Grow in wisdom like Jesus: read and know His Word, listen to and copy the parents and leaders He has placed in your lives, and ask Him when you need direction. When we mess up, we can learn from our mistakes and accept the grace God gives us.

The Story of Joseph: Part 3

July 29, 2020