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25. Questions on the Book of Jonah (Part 3)

With Jason Lapp • December 9, 2020

When do you think Jonah prayed the prayer in Jonah to? While he was in the sea, in the fish or after he was out of the fish? Have you ever met someone who you think relates and/or acts like Jonah? / disobey, conceal, ignore, high then low Do you think Jonah answered God’s questions?

24. Questions on the Book of Jonah (Part 2)

With Jason Lapp • December 9, 2020

-Doesn God hear the prayers of unbelievers?/ How would he not hear those if the believer? - Did the sailors and Jonah become believers? -Is the fishes name Sheol?

23. Questions on the Book of Jonah (Part 1)

With Jason Lapp • December 9, 2020

1. What does casting lots mean? What does it mean when they did that for Jonah? 2. Why don't we hear more of the dialogue between Jonah and the sailors?

22. On Biblical Sexuality in a Sinful World (2020 SM Fall Conference on Biblical Sexuality)

With Men's and Women's Panel • November 14, 2020

21. On Male Sexuality (2020 SM Fall Conference on Biblical Sexuality)

With Men's Panel • November 14, 2020

20. On Female Sexuality (2020 SM Fall Conference on Biblical Sexuality)

With Women's Panel • November 13, 2020

19. On Canon Order, Hedgehogs and the Shekinah

With Caleb Delon • October 22, 2020

Why is the Bible in the order it is in? Based on Zephaniah 2:14, Isaiah 14:23, and Isaiah 34:11, what does God have against hedgehogs? What did Israel do when God left them? If God is omnipresent, how can you say that his name/He was ever not with his people in OT times? Can you explain the difference?

18. On Stoking Passion for God and Assurance of Salvation

With Paul Hamline • October 15, 2020

What do we do when we have struggled with assurance of salvation for years? When does it become sinful?

17. On how to benefit from the genealogies, Ruth and Jonah

with James Henrich • October 8, 2020

why are the genealogies in the Bible? Why are Ruth and Jonah your favorite books? How do you relate to Jonah?

16. On Preaching 1 Corinthians, Tongues, Missing Verses, and Drinking Jesus' Blood

With Tim Senn • September 29, 2020

What have you enjoyed about preaching 1 Corinthians? What is the gift of tongues? Why do some Bible translations have missing verses? Why do we drink the cup in communion if the Bible forbids drinking blood?

15. On Judas' Kiss, Eden Today, and the Holy Spirit

With Howard Bennett • September 9, 2020

Why did Judas choose to kiss Jesus as the sign? Why would he choose to show such affection in the moment that he gave Jesus up? What happened to the Garden of Eden? Is the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament? Where?

14. On Jesus' Gethsemane Prayer, the Passover, and Jewish Sacrifice

With Jason Lapp • September 8, 2020

1. Why does Jesus ask for the cup to be removed from him even if he knew that it would not happen? 2. What would happen to those who were outside during the Passover? 3. Why don’t Jewish people who don’t believe in Christ still sacrifice lambs?

13. On Monkeys and Judas

With Mark Etherington • August 28, 2020

Were monkeys the last to be made before humans? Why was Judas ever born and why did he become one of Jesus’ disciples if it would have been better for him never to have been born?

12. On Positive Influences, Jesus’ Health and the Holy Spirit’s Impact

With Seth Singleton • August 10, 2020

11. On Questioning God

With James Henrich • June 26, 2020