14. On Jesus' Gethsemane Prayer, the Passover, and Jewish Sacrifice

With Jason Lapp

September 8, 2020

1. Why does Jesus ask for the cup to be removed from him even if he knew that it would not happen? 2. What would happen to those who were outside during the Passover? 3. Why don’t Jewish people who don’t believe in Christ still sacrifice lambs?

19. On Canon Order, Hedgehogs and the Shekinah

With Caleb Delon

Why is the Bible in the order it is in? Based on Zephaniah 2:14, Isaiah 14:23, and Isaiah 34:11, what does God have against hedgehogs? What did Israel do when God left them? If God is omnipresent, how can you say that his name/He was ever not with his people in OT times? Can you explain the difference?

18. On Stoking Passion for God and Assurance of Salvation

With Paul Hamline

What do we do when we have struggled with assurance of salvation for years? When does it become sinful?

17. On how to benefit from the genealogies, Ruth and Jonah

with James Henrich

why are the genealogies in the Bible? Why are Ruth and Jonah your favorite books? How do you relate to Jonah?