901 Bartlett Vision Night

April 30, 2023
5:30 - 7:00pm

We are so excited about our upcoming Bartlett location! The only thing we are missing is YOU! Vision Night is specifically for those who are interested in joining the launch team of 901 Bartlett, and it is a night of vision casting, worship, and important updates pertaining to this new location. We are always ready. We are blessed, so we choose to contribute, not consume. As we prepare for this new location, it is time for us to contribute like we never have before, so that people in the Bartlett area will be reached and their lives will be changed! If you live in Bartlett, Lakeland, Arlington, Raleigh, Germantown, Cordova, or surrounding areas, we want to invite you to attend Vision Night on Sunday, April 30th at 5:30pm. Register today!