What if...

What if... He Will!?

GGA -3: Blessing • May 1, 2016 • Pastor Deidre Jones

God does want you to walk in the fullness of your salvation: protection, deliverance, healing, long life, eternal life, prosperity and wholeness! He will answer all your prayers for each of these aspects of His life for you!

What if... You Are!?

GGA-1: Image • April 24, 2016 • Pastor Deidre Jones

Do you know who you really are? Hear my testimony and see that every experience - the good ones, bad ones, failed ones and even every sin comprise exactly who God has always intended to be - but only when we allow ourselves to be conformed into the image of Jesus!

What if... You Can!?

GGA-4: Purpose • April 17, 2016 • Pastor Deidre Jones

No matter what may seem like an impossible dream for your life, can be made possible through God, who has purposed you for great and greater things!

What if... It's Yours!?

GGA-3: Blessing • April 10, 2016 • Pastor Deidre Jones

What if.. It's True!?

GGA-2: Relationship • April 3, 2016 • Pastor Deidre Jones

Christianity shouldn't be lived like, "What if it's not true?" or "What if this is the way to get healed, prosper or succeed." It's time to live life confidently and without question!