180 has been helping Christian men addicted to porn and sex since 2009. After resigning from my position as a Senior Pastor after 26 years of ministry I finally told the truth, left the ministry, and have been working on my own recovery for 15 and 1/2 years. We have developed the 180 Recovery Program which contains 25 videos teaching how to recover from this issue that is spiritual, physiological, emotional, and relational. We also have 15 Online Support Teams that use online streaming that are helping over 180 men in 12 different nations. These OSTs meet weekly for strong accountability and members receive daily support from one another using texting and phone calls...so nobody has to be alone in this battle. Also, I have been writing daily emails of encouragement since January of 2012 and they are podcasts as well and soon-to-be videos on YouTube. We are told to encourage one another daily as long as it is called today in Hebrews 3 ... so that is what you get being part of the 180 Ministries Community. If you are looking for help with your addictive issues with porn and sex and desire a biblical approach that is Christ-centered then 180 is the place you want to land. We are here to ministry to any man who is broken in their sexual sin and needs the support of other Christian men. Just email me at doyel@me.com if you have any questions.