Bold Faith

Our Unstoppable God

April 10, 2022 • Ross Sawyers • Acts 5:33–42

No matter the efforts of people to stamp out Christianity, the good news of Christ and the work of God are unstoppable.

Embolden Even More So In Our Faith

April 3, 2022 • Ross Sawyers • Acts 5:17–32

When it gets difficult to walk in our Christian faith, we turn to the early followers of Jesus for encouragement to stay the course and be even bolder in our faith.

Awe and Wonder

March 27, 2022 • Ross Sawyers • Acts 5

Holiness Over Everything

March 20, 2022 • Randle Bishop • Acts 5:1–11

Radical Grace Leads To Radical Generosity

March 13, 2022 • Jermaine Arphul

Live Free

March 6, 2022 • Ross Sawyers • Acts 5

While everyone searches for freedom in different places, we find how to really live free in the leaders of the early church.

Why We Can't Stop Talking About Jesus

February 27, 2022 • Ross Sawyers

While a large number of people in current culture would prefer we stop speaking about and living for Jesus, there are compelling reasons why we cannot stop speaking about Him.

Disturbed or Settled on the Thought that Jesus is the Only Way to Salvation?

February 20, 2022 • Acts 4:1–12

What do we do with the idea that is so unsettling to many that Jesus is the only way to salvation?

The Path To A Refreshed Life

February 13, 2022 • Ross Sawyers • Acts 3:11–26

Sometimes we languish through our days with a parched soul not knowing that there is a path to a refreshed life.