Revival Keys

Where is the God of Elijah?

2 Kings 2:1–14

Your mantle is whatever God has called you to. It is time for you to pick up your mantle and walk in your authority. Making time for the Lord can be hard, but we must make time for Him if we want to see revival.

Cultivating Oil

September 19, 2021 • Matthew 25:1–13

A key to revival is to cultivate oil. Your oil indicates your intimacy with God and is birthed in the crushing. It's cultivated in the daily.

Run to the Roar!

September 12, 2021 • Daniel 6:7, Daniel 6:10, Daniel 6:16–21

When a lion roars, he gets the attention of everything around him. In fact, a lion's roar can be heard from. as far as eight miles away. The Bible describes Jesus as a roaring lion. He beckons us to draw near Him and to roar with Him.

Revival Key's

September 5, 2021 • Dr. Nick Gough • Psalm 86:6–15

There is a great need for revival' we must learn what to do to prepare for God's great outpouring. I don't think there's a question in anyone's mind that our nation, cioty, and church need revival. What are the keys to revival?