Disciple Making Community Webinar

We need a community who will join us in making disciples where we are. But many Christians often struggle to have meaningful interactions with people who don’t know Jesus. They need more help in knowing how to live out the Great Commission within their everyday lives. This webinar will show you how to start your own Disciple Making Community. Learn the daily habits that will lead your community to love their neighbors in such a way that it gives them opportunities to help them discover God through reading His Word for themselves. This webinar will answer these frequently asked questions about The Disciple Making Community (DMC): Why DMC? What makes a DMC unique? What does a DMC meeting look like? What makes a DMC successful? How do you develop a disciple making culture, not just a good meeting? How do I start a DMC? Whether you already have a community group or want to build a new one focused on Great Commission work, this webinar is for you. We've seen at least 36 Disciple Making Communities started that have led to new Discovery Bible Studies, more engagement with the lost, countless hours of prayer, and even baptisms! Reserve your spot now to learn practical tools you need to start your own DMC! Click here for a list of all the CDM Podcasts mentioned in this webinar. Click here to subscribe to our podcast for access to all of our episodes.