Helping Christians Share the Story

September 15, 2020 • Rebecca Ewing, Paul Watson

Sharing a Bible story doesn’t come naturally for most Christians. Whether they don’t know what to say, are too afraid of what someone will think, or don’t have anyone to tell in the first place, it’s easy to leave this part out of a Discovery Bible Study or Disciple Making Community. In today’s podcast, Paul Watson and Beck Ewing talk about how to help Christians get better at telling others what they’re learning in the Bible. We’ll cover topics like the role Conversation Quadrants play and how meeting the needs of the community can provide an opportunity to share the Scripture story. The reality is that people aren’t actually going to be that off-put when you bring up spiritual things—so go for it! Part 2 (or the premium portion) is about helping Christians move from couch potato to their first disciple.