Easier Said Than Done

February 27, 2022 • Matt Powers • 2 Timothy 4

Culture would say that relationships are disposable. When you get tired or hurt by someone you should just move on to another. However, in today's vintage principle we will learn that forgiveness is powerful for you and others.

The Vintage Rule

February 20, 2022 • Brandon Doss • 2 Timothy 4

When you play by the rules of culture they are always changing. However, there is a vintage rule that has stood the test of time. Discover how to play by the vintage rule.

Forgotten Filters

February 13, 2022 • Brandon Matthews • 2 Timothy 4

We use filters on our cars, for our water, to make coffee, and for so many other things. The most important place you could use a filter is in your life. Discover three areas that need a filter and how to apply them.

Vintage Roles

February 6, 2022 • Brandon Doss • 2 Timothy 4

Some things are said to be old and outdated. Many even say that marriage is outdated and unnecessary. In this message we discover God's plan and purpose for marriage and the roles that we play.