The Games We Play

Show and Tell

March 27, 2022 • Brandon Matthews • 1 Thessalonians 1

Of all of the games we play, what is your favorite? Does God have a favorite?We believe Show and Tell is God's favorite and in this message we discover why. Learn to play Show and Tell.

Duck Duck Goose

March 20, 2022 • Brandon Doss • 1 Thessalonians 1

Duck... Duck... Goose! The adrenaline of chasing and being chased. The strategic decisions that were made in order to win. Every day we play a game of Duck Duck Goose making decisions with our lives. This week we discover how to make decisions that enable us to share our story.

Simon Says

March 13, 2022 • Brandon Matthews • 1 Thessalonians 1

In Simon Says, Simon is the authority. When he says stand, sit, etc., we follow his command. In life, Jesus is our authority. We follow His command. In this message we discover what "Simon" says in regards to sharing our faith.

Hide and Seek

March 6, 2022 • Brandon Matthews • 1 Thessalonians 1

Most of us played hide and seek as a kid. In the game some are hiding and some are seeking. Even as adults, many of us are playing this game? What are you hiding in your life? What are you seeking in your life? Discover how to win the game of hide and seek.