Satisfied Week 4 - Satisfaction Guaranteed

October 23, 2022 • Matt Powers • John 4:13–14

Companies claim it, late night infomercials offer it, but only God can fulfill it. In the last part of our series we discover God's satisfaction guarantee.

Satisfied Week 3 - Money Lies

October 16, 2022 • Brandon Matthews • John 4:13–14

Many believe that more money brings more satisfaction. We believe that money lies. This week we reveal the lies and discover how to truly be satisfied.

Satisfied Week 2 - The Secret Sauce

October 9, 2022 • Brandon Doss • John 4:13–14

Satisfaction is not found in a store or on a shelf. You may feel that it is unattainable, but we know the secret sauce.

Satisfied Week 1 - Can't Get No Satisfaction

October 2, 2022 • Brandon Matthews • 2 Corinthians 4:2

If I could only have it, see it, or do it, then I would be satisfied. Have you noticed that it seems we "can't get not satisfaction?" When is enough enough? In this message we look at the root cause of our dissatisfaction.