Get Those Gains

January 30, 2022 • Brandon Matthews • Psalm 90:12

Jesus grew in three key areas of His life. How do we get those gains? Discover how to grow as Jesus did in order to maximize and multiply your life.

X - It's Complicated

January 23, 2022 • Brandon Doss • Psalm 90

Life can quickly become complicated. It all seems to compile and compact itself quickly. In this message pastor Brandon Doss helps us to calculate three key areas of our life to make the most of our purpose and place.

Basic Mathematics

January 16, 2022 • Brandon Matthews • Psalm 90

Multiplying the impact of your life doesn't have to be a complicated formula. This we we break it down to basic mathematics and discover ways to develop our life on purpose.

Happy Birthday

January 9, 2022 • Brandon Matthews • Psalm 90

Cultivate Church celebrates X years of life on purpose. See what happens when the main thing is always the main thing.