Community Prayer Breakfast

To honor first responders

September 11, 2020
7:00 - 9:00am

To honor first responders: Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Personnel When: September 11, 2020 at 7:00am Where: Venetian Center, 1 Dozier Court in Venetian Gardens Park Lt. Gen. Boykin was one of the elite warriors chosen in 1978 to make up the first unit in America’s ultra-secretive Delta Force. He then became commander of the unit, and later still, commander of all U.S. Army Special Forces. His thirty-six years in the military included a tour at the Central Intelligence Agency and clandestine missions around the world. Jerry retired in 2007, serving his last four years as the deputy undersecretary of defense for intelligence. Today he is an Author, Speaker & Ordained Minister with a passion for spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and encouraging Christians to become Warriors in God’s Kingdom. He speaks frequently on military, national security, terrorism, Islamic Fundamentalism, and the Middle East. He has been featured on national radio and television programs. Join us as we honor and pray for our first responders and hear an encouraging message of , leadership and courage. For more information and to purchase tickets visit website: https://www.911patriot.org Please be advised that safety is of paramount importance. This event is subject to Covid-19 social distancing procedures in the state of Florida at the time of the event. Should procedures require, we will postpone the event to the earliest anticipated suitable date.