1/31/19 - The Latest from the Middle East

January 31, 2019 • Jimmy DeYoung • Guest: Ken Timmerman

The Latest from the Middle East. We are joined by guest host Jimmy DeYoung (Prophecy Today). Jimmy is joined by guest Ken Timmerman (author, journalist). Topics discussed include: Syrian Civil War winds down. Iran: A Danger to Israel and the Middle East. Iraq: a war-torn nation rebuilding. Christian persecution in the Middle East on the increase.

2/14/19 - Socialism vs the U.S. Constitution

February 14, 2019 • Sam Rohrer, Gary Dull, Dave Kistler

Socialism vs the U.S. Constitution. We are joined by David New (Constitutional Attorney). Topics discussed include: Socialism Defined & The Truth about Socialist ‘Successes’. Article 1 Section 10 and Freedom. The Constitution’s Prohibition against Socialism.

2/13/19 - Dethroning God and the Rise of Socialism in America

How it’s Being Done • February 13, 2019 • Sam Rohrer, Dave Kistler

Dethroning God and the Rise of Socialism in America: How it’s Being Done. We are joined by Brannon Howse (President and founder of Worldview Weekend). Topics discussed include: The Frankfurt School and the Invitation to Subvert. Socialism’s Thought leaders: Marx, Freud, Nietzsche, and Hegel. Confronting Socialism.

2/12/19 - The Trump Presidency

An Honest Assessment • February 12, 2019 • Dave Kistler, Sam Rohrer, Gary Dull

The Trump Presidency: An Honest Assessment. Topics discussed include: The administrations turnover rate. The President’s results on the economic front. Promises made and promises kept. How can Christians oppose Pres. Trump? What letter grade does Pres. Trump get at this point in his presidency?