Cosmic Child Abuse? Answering Moral Objections to the Atonement

February 8, 2020 • Alisa Childers

For two thousand years, Christians have understood the death of Jesus to be substitutionary—a sacrifice that paid for our sins. From the earliest creeds to the teaching of the New Testament to the writings of the Church Fathers to today, this has been a core belief of Christianity throughout its history. But in modern times, this idea is being repudiated as “Cosmic Child Abuse.” On today’s show, we are going to address these questions: • What is the historic belief of the Christian church on atonement? • Why does God have wrath and how can that be a good thing? • Is penal substitutionary atonement a late invention of medieval Christians? • If God required the sacrifice of his Son, doesn’t that make him a Divine child abuser? • If I can just forgive people without a sacrifice, why can’t God?


Are you a Selective Moralizer? • July 11, 2020 • Frank Turek

What makes you think that your moral views are correct? If you were a white person in the Southern U.S. in 1840, what would you think of slavery? If you lived anywhere in the U.S. in 1840, what would you think of abortion? How about homosexual behavior and same-sex marriage? Are you just a product of your culture? Is morality just a product of your culture? Frank delves deep into current events and philosophy to discover what the real truth is, and to expose the selective moralizing that infects cancel culture advocates. He also proposes what is the most egregious injustice by race and the biggest reason for unequal results by race. Lots of important ground is covered here. Don’t miss this one!


What I Learned from My Father's Death • July 4, 2020 • Frank Turek

In this very personal podcast, Frank reveals the lessons he’s learned from his Father’s recent death. He also reflects on C.S. Lewis’s argument from desire, and how Christianity makes the best sense of our intuitions.


A Conversation About Racism Between Black and White Christians • June 27, 2020 • J. Warner Wallace

Detective J. Warner Wallace hosts a former gang member, now Christian apologist, Vada Hedgeman to discuss racism. What experiences with cops did Vada have growing up? What is systematic racism? Are there more prominent causes than racism for inequalities between blacks and whites? Does grouping people by race or ethnicity actually feed racism? Where do we go from here? This is just the start of a long but important conversation.