A New Community

November 7 - 21, 2021


November 21, 2021 • Rick Barry

The Apostle Paul made a passionate appeal to the Corinthian church to live in harmony with one another, and "to let there be no divisions in the church." It's a couple thousand years later and, unfortunately, unity is still an issue. Is it even possible for the Church to "all be one" as Jesus prayed? It depends on what we believe about our savior and our enemy, the condition of our hearts, and the sharpness of our focus on God's purpose.


November 14, 2021 • Jon Morales

Do you ever feel like holding on tightly to your rights? As we continue our series A New Community, this week we learn about humility and the impact it has on our life together. More importantly, we will fix our eyes on the one who displayed perfect humility, the Lord Jesus Christ, and follow Scripture’s admonition to imitate his humble mindset. He did not hold on to what was rightly his but humbled himself in order to restore our humanity and ability to love.


November 7, 2021 • Rick Barry

What does it look like to live together as the family of God? In this new series, we'll dive into the "one another" commands found in Scripture to see how we are called to live together as the Church. This week we'll look at Jesus' command to love one another. Jesus reveals the way we love one another will show the world that we are His disciples. This is a marked character trait of Jesus’ followers and the community that gathers in His name.