Comprehensive Evangelism

February 2, 2023
7:00 - 8:00pm

This class will take a thoughtful and comprehensive look at the topic and application of evangelism. The great commission that Jesus entrusted His followers with can be summed up with "Helping people find and follow Jesus." This is the mission of the life of a Christian. The sad truth is, it a mission that so many Christians have delegated to the church as a whole. This class helps you take hold of personal evangelism. It explores the theology, philosophy, and practical application of what it means to be a Christian on mission. Comprehensive Evangelism: Meets: Every Thursday at 7PM from Feb 2nd - March 2nd Costs: $25 (to supply the resources needed for students//this is not a for profit class) Requires: Consistent class attendance and participation as well as "at home" work.