The Blessing of Balaam Pt.3

Numbers 24

The Blessings of Balaam Pt.2

Numbers 23

The Blessings of Balaam Pt.1

Numbers 22

The Damage of Disobedience

Numbers 20-21

Remember You are Holy

Numbers 18-19

The Sin of Rebellion

Numbers 15-17

Live by Faith or Die by Disobedience

Numbers 13-14

Beware of Spiritual Pride

Numbers 12

Be Careful What You Ask For

Numbers 11

Following the Lord's Lead

Numbers 9-10

Leading by Example

Numbers 7-8

Be Steadfast, Immovable

1 Corinthians 15:58

The Priority of Purity

Numbers 5-6

Holy Privilege and Responsibility Pt.2

Numbers 4

Holy Privilege and Responsibility Pt.1

Numbers 3