Obedience as Our First Act of Worship

August 25, 2020 • Psalmist Glory Mafor

Sister Glory Mafor is an anointed young worship leader and psalmist from the nation of Cameroon. God has given her the unique ability to lead people into God's presence without performance or reliance upon technology associated with the modern Christian music industry.

Welcome and Opening Prayer

August 24, 2020 • Dr Michael D Gross

The Intrinsic Value of Prayer

August 24, 2020 • Dr. Samuel J. Isong

Dr. Samuel Isong is a key partner and a frequent member of 5-Fold Global Equipping Teams for the past 20 years. This apostolic and prophetic leader oversees Bible Centered Life Ministries and the 5-Fold Global International School of Ministry in Oyigbo/Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Raising Golden Shields of Faith

August 24, 2020 • Bishop James W. Murunga

Bishop James Murunga is a strong apostolic and prophetic leader of Grace Christian Fellowship Church Network and Prayer Shield Global out of Bungoma and Nairobi, Kenya. He and his father before him have labored with 5-Fold Global for over 20 years. His Holy Convocations have brought unity and birthed networking partnerships throughout many counties in Kenya.