The Fruit of the Spirit

Session 5

March 14, 2019 • Dr Michael D Gross

Some focus more on the gifts and less on the fruit of the Spirit. Others focus more on the fruit and less on the gifts. This Spiritual Gifts Equipping session demonstrates how the fruit of the Spirit is necessary for the most effective operation of the gifts. Both need to manifest together in the church today.

Holy Spirit Basics

February 19, 2019 • Dr Michael D Gross

Spiritual Gifts Equipping sessions have finally begun. The objective is to establish in every believer absolute dependency upon the Holy Spirit and His gifts. This session is on Holy Spirit Basics. Your relationship, partnership, and dependency level with the Holy Spirit unlocks the operation of His gifts in your life and in the body of Christ.

Sins Against the Holy Spirit

Dr Michael D Gross

What is blocking the effective operation of spiritual gifts in the church today? This session of Spiritual Gifts Equipping examines sins against the Holy Spirit that hinder His power and gifts from flowing through us.

What God Wants You to Know

March 4, 2019 • Dr Michael D Gross

We are not to be ignorant of spiritual gifts, but what does God want us to know. This Spiritual Gifts Equipping session explores the operational attitudes necessary for the effective working of the Holy Spirit and His gifts through us in the church for the profit of all.