Session 5: The Forced March

July 8, 2020 • Dr Michael D Gross

The fields are ripe for harvest while the church struggles to advance in spiritual battle today. The antichrist spirit taunts and intimidates believers but God says rise up, march, and advance for I am with you and fight for you. This equipping session on Firepower provides key practical and biblical actions to advance God's kingdom against territorial spirits and rulers of darkness.

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June 14, 2020 • Dr Michael D Gross

Is the church ready to push back with a unified thrust of spiritual firepower against evil forces occupying many villages and cities of the world? Session 1 of a new equipping series called Firepower: A Biblical Strategy for Taking Villages and Cities for Christ unveils what it really means to be soldiers of Christ in the army of the Living God.


June 20, 2020 • Dr Michael D Gross

The time for strategic level engagement against the spiritual forces of darkness is now. God is calling this generation to arise and advance like a great army in the strength of the Lord. This equipping session unveils a sound biblical strategy from the Book of Joshua to advance the Kingdom of God in every place with firepower.


June 27, 2020 • Dr Michael D Gross

Villages, cities, and nations cannot be impacted for Christ without a strong and skilled army of intercessors operating at the most strategic levels of spiritual warfare. This equipping session reveals the types and characteristics of praying that will release the firepower of God in every place.