That Escalated Quickly

Genesis 4:8-16

May 19, 2024

- Satan led Cain to murder by first of all making him uncontrollably angry.

- Sin’s appetite will not be satisfied. It always wants more.

- Sin causes us to lose sight of what is important; to lose sight of what is true.

- Your sin doesn’t just affect you; it also affects those closest to you.

i. The Progressive Nature of Sin

ii. The Destructive Effects of Sin

a. Sin desensitizes us

b. Sin alienates us

1. Sin alienates us from others

2. Sin alienates us from God

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- Earthly Accomplishment is no Indication of God’s Approval - Distorting God’s Plan for Marriage and Family has always been a Major Part of Satan’s Plan - A Godless Culture cannot Dismantle the Promises of God Rosemary Hopcroft writes: “The evidence further suggests that polyamory is likely to leave a huge amount of personal chaos, misery, and family ruin in its wake.”

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i. God Gives Two Sons (vs. 1-2) Two ii. Sons bring Offerings to God (vs. 3-7) - Cain brought something he had while Abel brought the best that he had. God’s Rejection of Cain’s offering reveals: 1. There was a deficiency in the gift. 2. There was a flaw in the intention of the giver "By faith Abel offered to God a more acceptable sacrifice than Cain, through which he was commended as righteous, God commending him by accepting his gifts." - Hebrews 11:4 John Calvin wrote: “It is not to be doubted, that Cain conducted himself as hypocrites are accustomed to do; namely, that he wished to appease God, as one discharging a debt, by external sacrifices, without the least intention of dedicating himself to God.” - You will either master sin or sin will master you. ---- CCLI number available upon request, senior video license code: BMP8RURQ9NRYULDU from

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Genesis 3:16-24 1. God Pronounces the Consequences (vs. 16-19) 2. God Provides the Covering (vs. 20-24) 4 things we see about sin’s covering: 1. Man needs a covering for his sin 2. Man’s attempts at covering himself are inadequate 3. Only God can provide the covering we need for our sin 4. The covering God provided required the death of an innocent substitute