John: When Heaven Came Down, Vol. 5

Our teaching series from John 18-21.

01 - The Verdict of Rome

December 18, 1994 • Stephen Davey • John 18:29—19:15

It's a well-known fact that the Jews were ultimately responsible for Christ's death, isn't? After all, He was their Messiah and they gave Him up to Rome to be crucified. But in this message Stephen reveals that the Jews didn't kill Jesus . . . we all did.

02 - Death by Crucifixion

February 5, 1995 • Stephen Davey • John 19:15–24

Jesus Christ was not nailed to the cross so that you could add Him to your self-righteous list of church attendances, donations, good deeds, and all the other gods you hope will take you to heaven! He hung on the cross as your substitute -- bearing the wrath of God in your place. Your list isn't long enough to atone for your sin. Only Christ can do that.

03 - The Lamb's Last Words

February 12, 1995 • Stephen Davey • John 19:25–30

When Jesus hung on a Roman cross 2,000 years ago, the fate of humanity hung with him. Each gasp from His lungs proved more important than the last. Each held eternal significance. Would He give in? Would he decide we weren't worth dying for? In this message Stephen shows us how the Lamb's last words answered that question forever.

04 - Saturday's Sorrow

March 5, 1995 • Stephen Davey • John 19:38–42

Death always comes too swiftly. And no matter how much time we thought we had with that loved one, there's always so much left unsaid. In this message, Stephen introduces us to two men who were haunted by their failure to publicly acknowledge Jesus Christ before He died. Their story will challenge us to profess our love for Christ and for each other now so that we will have no regrets later.

05 - Surprise!

March 12, 1995 • Stephen Davey • John 20:1–18

After hearing of the agony of Christ's crucifixion, it's wonderful to finally come to the good part! Without the literal, physical resurrection of Jesus Christ, there would be no "good news!" There would be no Gospel.

06 - Behind Closed Doors

March 19, 1995 • Stephen Davey • John 20:19–29

Jesus' disciples were discouraged, confused, and afraid. Their Messiah is dead, and they are hiding behind locked doors for fear of the Jewish leaders. They had seen Christ perform miracles before . . . but all those miracles paled in comparison to the One that was about to walk into their midst.

07 - The Reason Why

April 9, 1995 • Stephen Davey • John 20:30–31

Believing in the work of Jesus is no harder for us today than it was for people in the first century. Judaism set people against Christ as much back then as secularism and humanism have set people against Him today. So belief has never been easy. But in this message Stephen challenges us to remember that Jesus never said faith would be easy . . . He just promised it would be worth it. What's holding you back form discipleship today?

08 - A Refresher Course . . . Fishing 101

April 16, 1995 • Stephen Davey • John 21:1–14

Isn't it strange that when Jesus performed miracles in front His disciples they would sometimes be surprised by His power? Here these men are... they've given up their lives to follow the Messiah, yet when He reveals His true nature to them, they seem stunned! Jesus had to refresh their memories at times, just like He has to refresh ours, that while He is a friend and companion... He is also God.

09 - Broken Things

April 23, 1995 • Stephen Davey • John 21:15–17

Peter was like a proud athlete who boasted he would never lose. But one fateful night, that all changed. Peter denied His Savior and effectively quit the race. He was immediately paralyzed by guilt and fear and probably thought he would never run again -- that God would never forgive him. But he was wrong!

10 - Snooping, Comparing and Other Natural Diseases

April 30, 1995 • Stephen Davey • John 21:18–23

There are 3 viruses in the vineyard -- 3 diseases in the disciples' souls that need immediate attention. They are diseases that corrupt the inner life of a believer and inhibit his or her ministry. What are they? The Apostle John tells us.

11 - John's Final Words

May 7, 1995 • Stephen Davey • John 21:24–25

John was an eyewitness of Jesus' miracles, life and resurrection. If you don't yet believe the Gospel, John's record will challenge you to cast your vote now. If you already believe the Gospel, John's record will encourage you in your walk.