A Tribute to the Lamb - Guilty!

John Volume 4 Part 9

December 11, 1994 • Stephen Davey • John 18:1–24, Matthew 26:57–68

History is sprinkled with the intriguing stories indictments, acquittals, and verdicts. But the trial of Jesus Christ stands head and shoulders above all the others. It's the only trial where God is judged by man . . . and man finds Him guilty!

Introducing the Holy Spirit

September 11, 1994 • Stephen Davey • John 14:16–22

Perhaps His most familiar name is "The Comforter," but the Holy Spirit does so much more for the believer than just ease our sorrows. In this in-depth study Stephen gives us incredible insight into the most mysterious member of the Godhead.

Producing Spiritual Fruit is Impossible

September 18, 1994 • Stephen Davey • John 15:1–11

In this message Stephen introduces us to one of Scripture's most famous analogies: the analogy of the Vine and the Branches. But to fully understand the significance of this analogy, we'll need to be armed with sound principles of interpretation. Here is Stephen to give them to us.

Our Prize of Friendship

October 9, 1994 • Stephen Davey • John 15:12–17

In John 15 Jesus makes a remarkable statement to all of us who believe in Him for salvation. He calls us friends! Do you know what that means? Do you know the implications that holds for us -- both now and eternally? In this message Stephen reminds you.