05 - Surprise!

March 12, 1995 • Stephen Davey • John 20:1–18

After hearing of the agony of Christ's crucifixion, it's wonderful to finally come to the good part! Without the literal, physical resurrection of Jesus Christ, there would be no "good news!" There would be no Gospel.

01 - The Verdict of Rome

December 18, 1994 • Stephen Davey • John 18:29—19:15

It's a well-known fact that the Jews were ultimately responsible for Christ's death, isn't? After all, He was their Messiah and they gave Him up to Rome to be crucified. But in this message Stephen reveals that the Jews didn't kill Jesus . . . we all did.

02 - Death by Crucifixion

February 5, 1995 • Stephen Davey • John 19:15–24

Jesus Christ was not nailed to the cross so that you could add Him to your self-righteous list of church attendances, donations, good deeds, and all the other gods you hope will take you to heaven! He hung on the cross as your substitute -- bearing the wrath of God in your place. Your list isn't long enough to atone for your sin. Only Christ can do that.

03 - The Lamb's Last Words

February 12, 1995 • Stephen Davey • John 19:25–30

When Jesus hung on a Roman cross 2,000 years ago, the fate of humanity hung with him. Each gasp from His lungs proved more important than the last. Each held eternal significance. Would He give in? Would he decide we weren't worth dying for? In this message Stephen shows us how the Lamb's last words answered that question forever.