Special Guest Videos

Kevin Weaver

April 29, 2023 • Kevin W, Allen Jackson

Many military members suffer from wounds that cannot be seen, and organizations exist that can help them heal. In this podcast, Pastor Allen Jackson talks with Kevin Weaver from A Warrior’s Journey, an organization that works to raise awareness and create preventative resources to help educate and prepare warriors for their time in the military and beyond. They discuss what led Weaver to begin The Warrior’s Journey, the services they offer, and how they help military members find healing through Jesus.

Chad Robichaux & Azizullah Aziz

April 29, 2023 • Chad Robichaux, Azizullah Aziz , Allen Jackson

Knowing their friends were left in harm's way after the United States withdrew from Afghanistan, a small group of military special operations veterans led 17,000 American citizens and friends to safety. Join Pastor Allen Jackson to learn more about this story of courage, leadership, heroism, and God’s miraculous intervention in Afghanistan—as well as a current perspective on what’s happening in Ukraine. He interviews Chad Robichaux (Founder & President of Mighty Oaks Foundation, USMC Force Recon Veteran, Best Selling Author) and Azizullah Aziz (Cultural Advisor / JSOC Combat Interpreter & Facilitator).

John DeBerry Returns

April 10, 2023

This week, Pastor Allen welcomes his friend John DeBerry back to the studio for a conversation about the recent Covenant School shooting in Nashville, the recent protests at the capitol in Nashville, and how we can lead with our faith in the current state of politics in our nation.

True American History

November 16, 2022 • Allen Jackson, Tim Barton

Were the founding fathers Christians? What role did Christianity play in establishing America? Should our faith influence our government and our culture? What does the separation of church and state really mean? On this podcast, WallBuilders President Tim Barton joined Pastor Allen Jackson to discuss these questions and more. Without a full picture of history, it's easy to be deceived, falling prey to people who offer only a portion of the truth. Barton offers insights on American history that can help strengthen the foundations of your knowledge. His organization, WallBuilders, is dedicated to teaching America’s forgotten history and heroes, with an emphasis on the moral, religious, and constitutional foundation on which America was built.   https://wallbuilders.com

John DeBerry

Allen Jackson

Martin Luther King Jr. was a family friend when John DeBerry was a child, and in 1968 his public school was desegregated. DeBerry shares many powerful stories during this special guest podcast with Pastor Allen Jackson. They talk about the challenges America currently faces including racial tension, gender confusion, and problems within our education system. They also offer ideas on what Christians can do, the values we need to uphold, how to talk about difficult chapters in history, and the importance of family and fatherhood. A representative in the Tennessee State Legislature for 26 years, DeBerry now serves as a senior advisor to Tennessee Governor Bill Lee. He preaches at Coleman Avenue Church of Christ in Memphis, in addition to other churches and organizations across the country.

Eric Metaxas

Allen Jackson, Eric Metaxas

Eric Metaxas joins Pastor Allen Jackson to discuss the urgent message of his new book, A Letter to the American Church. They talk about the events that led up to World War II and how they reflect the circumstances America faces today. The only way to press back on evil, and to ensure history is not repeated, is to use our voices to proclaim God’s truth. Eric weighs in on the evil of creating gender confusion in children, critical race theory, why the church needs to discuss current events, and the importance of boldly leading with our faith in every arena of our lives. This is the third time Metaxas has visited our podcast, and his bold and informative conversation with Pastor Allen can help encourage you to take your stand as an ambassador for God’s Kingdom. Metaxas is a bestselling author of: Fish Out of Water; Martin Luther; If You Can Keep It; Bonhoeffer; Miracles; Seven Women, Seven Men; and Amazing Grace. He has written more than thirty children’s books, including the bestsellers Squanto and the Miracle of Thanksgiving, and It’s Time to Sleep, My Love. His Eric Metaxas Radio Show is a nationally syndicated radio program that features in-depth interviews with a wide variety of guests. For more information about Eric Metaxas, visit http://ericmetaxas.com; http://facebook.com/ericmetaxas; or Twitter: @ericmetaxas.

Gary Frost

Allen Jackson, Gary Frost

Pastor Allen has the opportunity of sitting with Gary Frost for a conversation around family, faith, and current events. Gary is the president of March For Jesus, has pastored for over 23 years in Ohio and New York, and has twice served as a vice president at the North American Mission Board.

Dr. Ben and Candy Carson

Dr. Ben Carson, Candy Carson, Allen Jackson

Pastor Allen recently enjoyed the privilege of sitting down for a personal conversation with Dr. Ben Carson and his wife, Candy. They joined Pastor Allen in the studio to discuss their personal journey, their faith, and the remarkable initiatives they have started around and for our nation. To learn more about Dr. and Mrs. Carson and their work, visit http://bencarson.com, or click the links above.

Update About Ukraine – From Ukrainian Christians

March 23, 2022 • Allen Jackson, Gena Kernazhytski, Larisa Kernazhytski

Ukrainian Pastor Gena and Larisa Kernazhytski offer insight on the war in Ukraine, communism, the importance of defending freedom, and what Christian Ukrainians are doing to help their nation. The couple lives in Belarus, grew up under communist rule, and are directly involved with ministry in 20 churches in Ukraine. Long-time friends of World Outreach Church, the couple joined Pastor Allen for a special service to share the truth about what’s happening and give an update on the state of the Church within the nation of Ukraine.

Eric Metaxas Returns

January 29, 2022 • Allen Jackson, Eric Metaxas

In this episode, Pastor Allen welcomes back friend of the ministry Eric Metaxas for a conversation about faith, current events, and Eric's new book "Is Atheism Dead".

Joel Rosenberg

October 2, 2021 • Joel Rosenberg, Allen Jackson

This week, Pastor Allen has the opportunity to sit down with Joel Rosenberg for a candid conversation on current events, the Middle East, and Joel's new book, "Enemies and Allies". Joel, an evangelical of Jewish heritage, is a New York Times bestselling author of 19 books, the editor in chief of two news websites http://(allisrael.com and http://allarab.news) and has addressed world leaders all over the planet.

Lt. Gen. Gerald Boykin & Lt. Col. Oliver North

May 22, 2021 • Lt. Gen. Gerald Boykin, Lt. Col. Oliver North, Allen Jackson

Pastor Allen has the opportunity to sit down with Lt. Col. Oliver North and Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin for a candid conversation about the nation, the current situation in Israel, and most importantly, how their faith has shaped their lives and careers.

Eric Metaxas

February 6, 2021 • Eric Metaxas, Allen Jackson

Pastor Allen has the opportunity to sit down with Eric Metaxas for a conversation about current events, censorship, and his new book, Fish Out of Water: A Search for the Meaning of Life. For more information on Eric and his offerings, visit his website at http://www.ericmetaxas.com.

Kirk Cameron

September 26, 2020 • Kirk Cameron, Allen Jackson

Pastor Allen welcomes back Kirk Cameron to the podcast. They discuss the situation in California, how churches have been closed since March 2020, and how Christians should stand strong during this season. You can also find his documentary "Monumental" on Amazon.

Big Daddy Weave

July 11, 2020 • Mike Weaver, Allen Jackson

Pastor Allen has the opportunity to sit down with Mike Weaver of Big Daddy Weave for a conversation about his music, his faith, and how this unique season has impacted the band. Big Daddy Weave has been a mainstay of the Christian music industry for over twenty years, with 9 studio albums and multiple awards and nominations. Their most recent album, When the Light Comes, is available wherever music is sold.